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Calm, reassuring, professional
security and protection

We are a security provider for the modern world. We understand the changing nature of wealth, public prominence and the risks that exist today. Our skills, experience and bespoke approach deliver real safety and security.

We understand that for individuals who have positions of influence, wealth or a prominent public profile, our changing world can sometimes feel threatening and dangerous.
  • Fearful for you and your family’s safety?
  • Worried about the security of your home?
  • Concerned about risk in your business?


Protection for you, your family,
your home and business.

Close Protection
Keeping you safe from danger through assessment, perception and constant vigilance.
Residential Security
Protecting your home or secondary properties using physical and electronic systems of alert.
Corporate Security
Ensuring safety for staff, assets and premises whether day to day or for one-off events.
the quality of being sagacious
“a man or women of great political sagacity”
wisdom · (deep) insight · intelligence · understanding · judgement · acuity · astuteness · insight · sense · canniness · sharpness · depth · profundity · profoundness · perceptiveness · penetration · perception · percipience · perspicuity · discernment · erudition · learning · knowledgeability · thoughtfulness · sapience


What our clients say

“Alex is detail orientated and meticulous in his approach. His work is streamlined and organised, showing his ability to turn his hand quickly in any situation that a task permits with perfect execution, confidence and clear direction. He is understated and polite in approach. His knowledge, contact base, and the relationships he has built over time are key to his success in all areas of his business..”

P.A. to Ultra High Net Worth Family

“Sagacity is a truly seamless security enterprise. They delivered above and beyond our expectations helping to bring our celebrities and VIPs to and from our Haute Couture Show in Paris. The team was professional, spoke multiple languages, was quick to adapt to a forever changing schedule, and most importantly put customer service and safety at the forefront. Sagacity and their team is highly regarded and recommended by Ralph & Russo."

Charity Finnigan, Head of Marketing at Ralph & Russo

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