What makes Sagacity different?

We provide experienced, handpicked professionals who take time to understand each and every client’s profile and lifestyle. Our aim is always to enhance the way you live your life, not limit it.

We do this by promising our clients the following:

We offer our clients real experience and real skill. We are vigilant, quick thinking and courageous.
We are non-daunting, welcoming and ego-free. Our clients feel at ease and can ask us anything.

You can rely on us to be there. You can put your faith in our advice and have confidence in our judgement.

We are not afraid of hard work and no request is too much. We help wherever and whenever needed.


Alex Boden

Alex was formerly a Royal Marine, in service for 6 years. Since leaving in 2011, he’s spent 7 years operating in UHNW close protection, working in a number of high profile roles and situations all over the world. Security is Alex’s passion and commitment.

Hayley Boden

Hayley has enjoyed a decade in the financial sector, working in some of the top financial institutions in the world including ICAP, BlackRock & MG Trading. Along the way, Hayley learnt valuable skills integral to running a successful business and providing excellent client-facing support and care.


Our process

The first step with all our clients is to meet and understand their lifestyle and their concerns. We conduct a thorough security and risk assessment to determine the precise nature of any client’s requirements.

After this initial assessment, we will design a complete package suited to your specific needs. Our close protection is always fluid and dynamic. As your lifestyle and the threats associated with it change, so will our protection.

The more we learn and understand, the better we can tailor our service to suit your individual situation.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?
Yes – NDAs are a mandatory part of ALL client contracts and an essential element of what we offer. Your privacy is of utmost importance to the entire team at Sagacity and all of our operatives are bound to maintain confidentiality at all times. We have a standard legal agreement in place for your convenience but are quite happy to consider amendments and clients’ own agreements upon request.
Do you have experience of working with children?
Yes, we do. Our team understand the busy and varied nature of a child’s education and activities. We will select an operative that best fits your schedule and has experience in the areas of life most important to your family.
Are you able to travel with us?
Yes, we can. Sagacity’s team travel frequently within the UK and internationally. We can also assess and plan travel itineraries as well as help with driving. Many of our operatives have advanced close protection driving qualifications.
Are your operatives armed?
In the UK, only the Police, military and certain diplomatic protection teams are permitted to carry firearms. However, if travelling to high-risk countries where firearms are permitted, we do have experienced and trained operatives who can provide this specialist protection service.
What happens in an emergency?
Our team will prepare Standard Operating Procedures for each situation and emergency procedures are included within this preparation. Any criminal activity will always be a police matter, but we will ensure privacy and discretion at all times.
What backgrounds do your operatives come from?
Our operatives all have extensive experience in providing close protection and security services.
They typically have worked within the military, police or other security sectors.
How are your operatives checked and vetted?

Our operatives are all checked and vetted in detail before joining the Sagacity team. ldentity,
experience, background and past references are all thoroughly investigated and each individual’s calibre properly assessed. Most importantly, we select and place operatives based on specific client needs to ensure the very best fit.

Can you provide references from other clients?
Yes, we can. Many of our clients are happy to testify to the high standards of service that we
provide. However, to maintain privacy and confidentially, it may be necessary sometimes to
withhold actual client names and locations.

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